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With more than 27 years of experience, N3 is the market leader in sustainable entrance solutions in Norway and Sweden. We have developed and own Renholdssoner and N3zones brands, and have completed more than 29 400 installations with one single goal in mind: to stop as much dirt and moisture as possible!

IoT-based entrance matting system

The N3zones clean-off system features durable matting made out of recycled yarn from discarded fishing nets. It also includes a special vacuum cleaner, N3evo, which is fitted with IoT sensors.
The sensors are tracked by the N3smart IoT ecosystem for automatic surveillance of cleaning status. N3smart features a map and status KPIs for all cleaning sites, as well as a management system in which the user creates a location and an entry zone to be monitored, setting the zone size, expected cleaning time and KPI notification reports.
The IoT system also uses indoor positioning technology. Each time the vacuum goes in and out of a zone it is registered in the system. Cleaning is monitored according to the KPIs, and notifications are automatically sent to the administrator of a location if there are discrepancies in expected cleaning.

Concrete benefits

The N3zones clean-off system improves the indoor environment for building occupants through more efficient and precise cleaning. The system is more sustainable than traditional systems with washable mats, with much lower water consumption and transport emissions.
The N3smart IoT ecosystem will be tuned to provide building cleaning status in accordance with the INSTA 800 Nordic cleaning standard.
N3smart is based on the new NB-IoT Narrowband 4/5G technology and Bluetooth BLE 5.0 to keep costs down. It can also be used with any cleaning robot or machine, in addition to N3evo vacuums, and gives building owners insight into the real utilisation of each unit.








Market potential

The global entrance matting market is expected to reach over USD 6.7 billion by 2020. N3 estimates that its potential market comprises six million entrances in two million buildings in Norway and Sweden alone.
The N3zones clean-off zone system was developed in collaboration with the Norwegian Asthma and Allergy Association. More than 29 400 systems have been installed in schools, nursery schools, hospitals, office buildings, and retail and production facilities in Norway and Sweden.

The N3smart system will soon be expanded with weather data as well as indoor environmental sensors that will provide data on factors such as dust levels, VOCs, temperature, humidity, and more, enabling improved algorithms in the IOT ecosystem. This will give building owners and other stakeholders new insight into how such factors affect the indoor environment.


For more details, please contact:

Dag Hognerud

Group CEO / Co-Founder

T: +47 98 28 61 51

E: dh@n3.no


Environmentally conscious and climate neutral

N3 works continuously to reduce climate and environmental impact and we have a climate action plan that gives a detailed overview of the measures that are being taken.

Our business is climate neutral, and through targeted work we have eliminated many stressful and polluting links throughout the customer supply chain. We are also part of the Plant a Billion Trees project, where we plant one tree for each entrance we work with. Our first goal is 100 000 trees.


We take corporate social responsibility

N3 shall conduct responsible, ethical and healthy business operations in all aspects. We must make strict demands for ourselves and how we affect the environment and society.

This attitude is based on the recognition of the basic commitment of the business community to conduct its business in a sustainable manner and with respect for people and the environment. N3 will also contribute to sustainable development through more environmentally friendly products, efficient use of resources, improvement work in the supply chain and generally responsible operations.

N3 har utviklet og eier varemerkene Renholdssoner, N3zones og N3smart. Som markedsleder med over 25 års erfaring gjør vi det vi kan best; Å stoppe mest mulig smuss og fuktighet.


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